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Position summary

Chefs and cooks at Maurya’s are the heartbeat of the kitchen who build a strong foundation to create a successful career in the culinary industry. In this position you are responsible for carrying out daily prep, cooking, and cleaning tasks using a checklist and looking at running guest orders. Collaborating with the kitchen crew is mandatory, as well as maintaining knowledge of Indian cuisine (only while working with us). 

This is a role with multi-purpose and multi-tasking jobs in a commercial kitchen. 

It is key to bringing smooth flow and assistance to the head/line cooks for production. It can be a high-stress job but if a person is organized, they’ll find the job gets easier as their art of cooking skills get sharper.

About Maurya’s

Established 2004, we are a family-owned local business in the heart of downtown Kamloops. We are not your average Indian restaurant! We are growing the Maurya’s brand rapidly by the day. Our mission is to create Far From Ordinary experiences for our “guests” — a contemporary approach to Indian regional cuisine, flair of global inspiration, 5 star service, and a mix of culture & tradition in our craft cocktails. 

Our core values, mission, and vision are the backbone of our business and guide our hiring process. We work in dozens of verticals, and are looking for all sorts of talent in the f&b industry as well as partnerships, suppliers, marketers etc.

Key Objectives

  1. Operating a Tandoor (Indian clay oven) and the deep-fryer which is included in the ‘Tandoor chefs’ section the correct and safe way.
  2. Taking special care in ensuring that food is cooked evenly since the temperature in the Tandoor clay oven can vary from bottom to top. This includes quickly searing and sealing the outside of food items like meat/vegetables, and preparing naan breads to company standards.
  3. Understands the different temperatures required to fry different orders/food items in the deep-fryer. This includes but is not limited to frying samosas, pakoras, cauliflower wings, bhatura (deep-fried bread), chips, potatoes etc. 
  4. Preparing naan breads at the correct timing in accordance with the head chef by being aware of the cooking time of the main courses ordered. 
  5. Self-switching between stations for running guest orders and ‘prep work tasks’ by looking at the environment and its priorities. Understands that guest orders are priority.
  6. Following the checklist and the main whiteboard for daily tasks.
  7. Using machines and basic knife skills to cut a variety of veggies and meats. Handling, cutting, cooking and marinating meats/vegetables in the tandoor. Peeling and chopping vegetables like potatoes and onions.
  8. Prepping all assigned prep work items for kitchen production in an efficient and consistent manner while following the specifications, recipes, and techniques from the company’s recipe book and the head chef’s confirmation. 
  9. Prepping dishes like salads, pakoras, raita, cooking rice, samosa filling etc. during slower times
  10. Keeping chef stations organized and coolers up-to-date by reporting any shortages in stock to appropriate stakeholders.
  11. Occasionally attending and providing input into staff meetings and participating in training, and educational sessions.
  12. Working well under pressure. Meeting cost control guidelines, portion-sizing, and production schedules.
  13. Maintains knowledge of company specifications, recipes, Indian cuisine and its spices. Knowledge of the company’s policies and procedures manual, mission statement, vision statement, and supporting programs and employees in accordance with same.
  14. Following the maintenance practices of all workstations. Following the stocking and re-filling practices of groceries and products in the kitchen and refrigerators through proper labelling and storage techniques. 
  15. Carrying out general cleaning, kitchen cleaning tasks, surface sanitization and performing the weekly/shift-end cleaning routines. 
  16. Must abide with enhanced covid protocols, maintain personal hygiene, and adhere to food safe practices. Includes wearing a mask, hairnet, proper attire, scent-free etc as per business requirements.

Key competencies

Willingness to learn
Collaborative teamwork
Following up
Self-starts on tasks
Sincere desire to give the best to guests
Detail oriented


  • A minimum experience of 1 – 2 years in a commercial kitchen is a must.
  • Comprehensive knowledge and understanding of Indian cuisine is an asset, BUT NOT REQUIRED. (We’ll teach you our culture! 🙂
  • Working towards a career in culinary, or a Red Seal Certification while an asset, but is not required.
  • Food Safe Level 1 Certification while an asset, but you can apply.
  • Has basic understanding of kitchen operations.
  • Can respond to varying business volumes as they relate to impacts on the kitchen.
  • Works effectively within a team and recognizes when to provide support to other kitchen team members.

Physical Requirements

  • Being able to work prolonged periods of working in a commercial kitchen environment, standing and walking for lengthening periods.
  • Can sustain without breaks only during the extremely busy peak hours.
  • Is physically capable of working in a fast-paced environment and safely lifts heavy loads around 22-25kg.

Commitment to Diversity

As an equal opportunity employer committed to meeting the needs of a multigenerational and multicultural workforce Maurya’s recognizes that a diverse staff, reflective of our community, is an integral and welcome part of a successful and ethical business. We hire local talent at all levels regardless of race, color, religion, age, national origin, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation or disability, and actively foster inclusion in all forms both within our company and across interactions with clients, candidates and partners.

If this position caught your eye, send us your resume! For best consideration, include the job title and source where you found this position in the subject line of your email to 

Job Types: Full-time, Part-time
Position: Tandoor (clay oven) chef
Salary: $15.59 – $18.29 per hour


Discounted or free food (after 3 months)
Flexible schedule, as per business need
Reimbursement of food safe (after 1 year)
Future benefits apply when you work with us


5 – 8 hour shift, 20 to 40 hours per week
On call
Day / Evening shift
Work Location: One location
Work Remotely: No